Swoon: the artist that makes me crazy with excitement

April 7, 2009

Illustrating the people in her community and the city as the people who live there. i have been very excited about this artist for a very long time. the images she posts around NYC are not only gorgeous but telling about the people that make up the city she lives in. I think that she has a lot to say and she is saying it and making statements about place, society, and identity. This could be an important project for highschool students in which they could express their identity through place and society. asking them what, who, or what place makes them who they are. or what they see everyday and how it affects their lives and how to make this idea into a visual piece. 6a00d834cad15053ef00e54f7f07298833-800wigrandfather-main1swoon_cphswoonswoon_street_art


this is another one of her projects where she organized this big event making ships to sail in NYC.. this is a video

lesson plan idea: self portraits how do your surroundings make up your identity? printmaking or drawing project.


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