Reverse Graffiti

April 8, 2009


Alexandre Orion is an artist out of Brazil that incorporates graffiti influences, public art, and photography. 

picture-3What caught my attention most was his “Reverse Graffiti” video that I came across on Here he uses subtractive techniques to create a huge assemblage of stylized skulls by simply cleaning the dirt off the wall. This practice brings a lot of questions to the table regarding vandalism, definition of art, and even graffiti concepts according to the culture (illegality vs. his semi-legal approach).  In essence, he is not defacing any property, yet he is still manipulating a restricted area. By using products to cleanse the wall in a visually aesthetic way, he has broken the boundary of public art in a graffiti stylization by keeping it legal with the adrenaline pumped approach of stepping up without permission and giving the public a taste of his visual vocabulary. This can be formed into a great lesson of subtractive drawing. At least by being used as motivator to the ideas of how far art can go, it can show how someone can combine two extreme cultures and using them in a positive way. 




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