Yums! 2 cakes to knock your socks off

May 6, 2009

If your idea of a delectable desert is a Hostess Twinkie from your nearest 7-11, I have a treat for you! Two basic cake recipies- nothing fancy but extra tasty.  Maybe you have never baked a cake or you think, why wast the time? Well, friend, let me tell you- these cakes will be worth your while. If you don’t think you like cake, this cake just might change your mind.

I come from a long lineage of fabulous bakers so I have a serious love for cake.  Here are two recipies I love!

carrot cake

vanilla cupcakes

And then there’s icing.  Wilton is a company that has been supplying cake goods since 1929.  My family swears by them for all cake products and I think their buttercream icing is hands down, the best.

buttercream icing

Here’s a few basics that will make your cake perfect!

grease only the bottom of the cake pan.  Rub a small amount of vegetable shortening on a paper towel on the bottom of the pan.  Sprinkle with a little flour, shake around to coat shortening, dump out excess flour.  Greasing only the bottom helps your cake climb up the sides of the pan so it rises evenly.  Would you be able to climb a wall covered in vegetable shortening? Neither can your cake.

To turn a cake out of the pan, let cool about 10 minutes.  Run a knife between the edge of the pan around the entire cake.  Hold a wire rack on top of the pan, while grasping both flip the cake upside down.  Remove pan.

Mix wet ingredients. Mix dry ingredients. Mix them together in adding dry to wet.

  • Don’t over mix your cake.  Cake is usually too dry because of some zealous mixing.  Once all the dry ingredients are mixed with the wet ingredients  enough to no longer be visible as their original form- stop! That’s enough!



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