health & relaxation

May 10, 2009

personally, and I don’t know if this comes as a big surprise, but I REALLY like to relax. I like hot tubs and eating and taking naps and takings naps on couches and eating and then taking a nap on a couch. For us though, educators, in a high stress position, the time for all these simple pleasures is dwindling. That’s why I think it’s important to reboot in our summer months, to get in touch with our commitment as artists, and maybe catch 40 winks. Don’t forget we were artists first, so brushing up on your skills, taking time for yourself, and having more credibility as a teacher can’t hurt, can it? This is really important to me, that we relax and remember, when we’re older and veterans of the teaching scene, that we came from somewhere, that we are artists first. Take time for yourself, and more importantly your art. An art teacher who doesn’t make art isn’t taken seriously, so take yourself seriously.

so, some places in illinois.


Ragdale is an artists’ retreat located on the grounds of Arts and Crafts architect Howard Van Doren Shaw’s 1897 summer home in Lake Forest, IL.

The artists’ community, which is situated just 30 miles north of Chicago and overlooks 50 acres of prairie, now hosts over 200 emerging and established artists of all disciplines each year.

it’s 30 dollars to apply, but having been to this rather remarkable place, I would definitely recommend it.

A list of All the Great Lake Artist Retreat

great list. seriously

Drea had a great suggestion about writing your artist statement in preparation for an application. Include your past works, all the materials you work with or intend to work with, and what your purpose is as an artist. How do you want your students to perceive you? I know we talked a lot about not having a “medium” this semester, so with that in mind, how important is it that we be perceived as “working artists”? I know my favorite teacher in high school went away every summer and came back with great stories of a time for regrouping, getting her head on straight from “a year spent with you“, and renewing her energy as a person. It was apparent that it wasn’t the time spent away with us, or getting up after 5am, but that her art was important and therefore OUR art was important. Maybe getting away from the midwest would be good for you. We all know a good travel might be the most important thing you do for yourself as a person.

Fortunately, it’s summer now (officially!) so I’m gonna go take a nap.


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