Physics Masters

May 6, 2009

Leaping, dropping, diving, slamming…probably not the most pleasant of words one likes to hear. Though there is no better way in my head to describe people when they breakdance. I have to say, I personally love to brekdance. I just hear the beat sometimes and can’t help but get on the dance floor. Though breakdancing is a relatively new form of dancing, I find it to be one of the most fascinating. When your breakin’ your free, nothing applies anymore. You simply go with it and your body follows. You become a Physics Master, leaping, twirlling, spinning, etc. breakdancer

Breakdancing takes dedication, and unlike many other dance forms, there is a high likely hood that you will be hurt. You may fall on your wrist wrong, twit your neck, bruise your knees, your stomach, etc. If the name Breakdance doesn’t let you in on that that fact, well then, now you know. This style of dance is a combination of strength, flexibility, balance, and of course creativity.¬† I myself have been breakdancing for years, yet don’t assume I am the best. I am far, far, far, far, far from being the best. You can be the strongest man in the world and have no flexibility. The the most flexible and have to balance. Be the most balanced and have no creativity. To truly be the best in breakdancing, is a myth. There is no best. There is only your dance, your style, your feelings when you are on the dance floor. bboysYou can spend a whole lifetime trying to be the best, but that would lead you nowhere. People b-boy for the love of it, for the feeling and rush you get when you finally land that move or learn that tricky step.¬† All I can say is, Breakdancing is awsome. It is a beutiful expression of the body and the soul. It is both complex and simple. I feel it can take music and transcibe it into physical space. So if you ever want to boggie down, but don’t know exactly how, give breakdancing a shoot. You might be suprised, the bumps and bruises are only the beginning.


For my lesson, I would have the class choose one of their favorite songs and design steps to it. I would lead the class in basic breakdancing steps prior to this. Basic footwork, downrocks, uprocks, etc. I feel breakdancing would promote both a  healthier lifestyle, through the exercise and physical activity involved, and would also open up the students to different forms of expression. Breakdancing being one of these forms.