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August 15, 2009

I found this fun website with online tools for kids. lots of drawing websites, stamps, etc. I don’t have a lot of time to write at the moment, but hopefully this can help you out!


and just in general, mrssmoke.onsugar.com is an amazing site. lots of fun new tools (we all know drea loves those!) to “make teachers nerdy”

love it.


The Story of Stuff

April 24, 2009


“From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It’ll teach you something, it’ll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever.”

Fun Facts from the Story:

• In the past 3 decades, 1/3 of the planet’s natural resources have been consumed.
• In the U.S. we have LESS THAN 4% of our original forests left.
• 40% of waterways in the U.S. have become undrinkable.
• The U.S. has 5% of the world’s population but consumes 30% of the world’s resources and creates 30% of the world’s waste.
• The average U.S. person now consumes twice as much as they did 50 years ago.
• We each see more advertisements in one year than a people 50 years ago saw in a lifetime.
• In the U.S., we spend 3–4 times as many hours shopping as our counterparts in Europe do.
• Each person in the United States makes 4 1/2 pounds of garbage a day. Twice what we each made thirty years ago.

They are working with Facing the Future a non-profit education organization that provides resources and action opportunities on global issues and sustainability for teachers, students and the public. They’re collaborating right now to figure out how to create a curriculum for use in classrooms.

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This video should abosolutely be shown to any group of people ESPECIALLY our students in conjunction with lessons that involve topics of: litter, pollution, recycling, repurposing, reusing, consumerism, and

the future.

Time Consumers

April 8, 2009


1. Boing Boing is a blog that always has fun and interesting things to look at and read. The posts range from featured artists, to political stories/news. Check it out


2. Free Book Spot is a wonderful resource for books. They have thousands of uploaded books available for free. If your into tech, art, science, etc, this website is a must.


3. Inhabitat is a weblog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.


4. Moco Loco is a blog on contemporary design. It has all things sleek, shiny, and new. It also features fine artists. I love looking at modern design. Check out the site, and you will too.


5. Style2Ouf is all about the dance. Breakdancing, streetdancing, pop-lockin’, etc. What can I say “I Love to Dance”. Check them out and you my get the fever too.


6. Instructables is the ultimate DIY website. Are you interest in doing it yourself? Almost anything and everything can be found on this site. Give it a look, you might even want to contribute to it.


7. Endgadget is the tech site to get your fix. It features articles and photos on all the new tech and software, don’t be left behind, check it out.


8. Gizmodo is the gadget blog to beat. What can I say, I luvz me some fresh tech. So if you got a couple of hours to spare give it peek.


9. Seed is a magazine that combines some of my favorite things in life, art and science. If you are still wondering how those two subjects came come together check it for yourself, it’s sure to please.


10. TED is a gift to us all. TED is exactly what it promotes itself as, Ideas worth spreading. So go and look and spread.

Craigslist picture-32

A great resource for used cars, apartments for rent and even FREE items from owners


Slick’s Art picture-42

A prime example of how far an artist can take their portfolio site, as well as a fun Flash playground


Art Crimes picture-51

International graffiti, sectioned off by artists, cities, and themes. Also a great reference for graffiti supply stores and other artists sites


You Tube picture-6

Video database for great how-to’s, short comedy skits, music videos, and completely random fun


Breakdancing 101 picture-7

Want to learn how to break dance from home? Here’s a site that gives you step-by-step tutorials for moves ranging from novice to expert


Car Domain picture-2

For those auto-enthusiasts, this site is a venue to show off your custom show car, or promote your love for transportation


Threadless picture-10

Artists can submit a design, be voted on, and make money if their design is chosen to be printed and distributed on t-shirts


Kid Art picture-8

Check out the trash matcher section: Some projects that are more on the crafty side of things, but you can easily find fun ways to repurpose old materials


Google picture-9

A.K.A. the guru of all questions asked


Jon D. Neumann’s Art

Here’s my personal site displaying paintings and drawings from past to present




www.handmadechicago.com >have shows in chicago and you can seel your handmade stuff!

www.communitycookbook.blogspot.com > share vegetarian recipe’s online.

www.kinderart.com > this website has how to do steps and lesson plan ideas for printmaking, papermaking, and loads of other stuff.

http://gpcp.org > this is a website for an Atlanta cooperative preschool doing amazing things for community and cooperative education.

www.letsgogreen.biz > household items get green!

http://weburbanist.com/2008/11/02/20-great-works-of-green-art-and-design/ > cool stuff!

www.brandimcdearis.wordpress.com > this is my blog with some of the drawings i’ve been working on this semester…

www.pandora.com > free music time!

Sabrina’s top 10

April 1, 2009

1. Ted- Ideas Worth Spreading.  Inspiring speeches from great thinkers.  This one is Barry Schwartz on practical wisdom.

Barry Schwartz on TED

2.  Ze Frank- Interactive kaleidoscope and other web toys.  Also watch Ze Frank’s how to dance videos.

Ze Frank

3. FFFFound- Browse this site for unique images from the web.


4. EyeBeam- collective that researches arts, science and education.  Their website is all about free information sharing.

Eyebeam Education Lab

5. Freegan Info- Information about the freegan lifestyle and community.  Even if you are not a practicing freegan you can still learn a thing or two from this site.


6. Zotero- free toolbar for Firefox browser that catalogues and creates bibliographys for your research.  Great for organizing your resources.


7. Joy Kitchen- the website version of the classic cook book Joy of Cooking. Recipies and tips, everything you need to know about cooking.

Joy of Cooking

8. Tate Modern- London’s modern art museum.  They have excellent information on contemporary artists and images of their work.

Tate Modern

9. National Gardening Association- free information on gardening and how-to videos.


10. Frontline- thought provoking journalism.  Frontline is a series of broadcast documentaries on contemporary issues, aired on PBS,it can also be watched in its entirety online.


Ten Websites that Rule

March 25, 2009

really, because we had no limits on this assignment, I’m going with just my deep dark faves.


stumble upon

best. website. ever. Mindless boredom button that returns endless delights, favoring your personality. Sign up, fill out the “about me!” section, and prepare to lose your weekend.


ted talks

better than anything. videos for smarties. seriously check out

Dave Eggers’ speech: once upon a school

and Ken Robinson’s speech:

schools kill creativity


speaking of dave eggers: mcsweeneys

short stories, articles, features, reviews and more. highly insightful and almost always funny (featured on stuffwhitepeoplelike)



just because. videos


this american lifeall the issues for freeeeeeeeeee!


ten wtf sites that will warp your mindfrustration = zen



just the best game. ever.


the positivity blog

I need it. I bet you do too.


fuck you

fuck you.


best use of livejournal

and worst waste of your time

these are hardly helpful to teaching, but I’m very tired from staying up all night on the internet.