marcel dzama and the royal art lodge.

The Royal Art Lodge was an art collective from 1996-2008.  The Royal Art Lodge was founded in 1996 by Michael Dumontier, Marcel Dzama, 
Neil Farber, Drue Langlois, Jonathan Pylypchuk, and Adrian Williams in Winnipeg, 
Manitoba, Canada.  Hollie Dzama and Myles Langlois have also been members.
Marcel Dzama:

born 1974; BFA University of Manitoba; currently living in New York City. Primarily works on small scale ink and watercolor drawings; costume design. Cover designer for Beck's "Guero", The Weakerthans' "Reconstruction Site" and They Might Be Giant's "The Else". Devestatingly handsome, and my future boyfriend. 
cute website about marcel, who has published two books with McSweenys

Reverse Graffiti

April 8, 2009


Alexandre Orion is an artist out of Brazil that incorporates graffiti influences, public art, and photography. 

picture-3What caught my attention most was his “Reverse Graffiti” video that I came across on Here he uses subtractive techniques to create a huge assemblage of stylized skulls by simply cleaning the dirt off the wall. This practice brings a lot of questions to the table regarding vandalism, definition of art, and even graffiti concepts according to the culture (illegality vs. his semi-legal approach).  In essence, he is not defacing any property, yet he is still manipulating a restricted area. By using products to cleanse the wall in a visually aesthetic way, he has broken the boundary of public art in a graffiti stylization by keeping it legal with the adrenaline pumped approach of stepping up without permission and giving the public a taste of his visual vocabulary. This can be formed into a great lesson of subtractive drawing. At least by being used as motivator to the ideas of how far art can go, it can show how someone can combine two extreme cultures and using them in a positive way. 



2534174182_a0e04f04e0Sculptor, Scientist, Thinker, Photographer, Break Dancer, Architect, Installation Artist.  Olafur Eliasson and his surreal spaces could not be categorized into just one title.  Eliasson, born 1967 in Copenhagen, studied art at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen from 1989-1995.  Eliasson’s resume is extensive and can viewed at his website

I was hooked on Eliasson when I saw his show “Take Your Time” at MoMA New York.  If you would like to see this show it will be right here in Chicago from May 1 through September 13, 2009, at The Museum of Contemporary Art .  Beginning with the title, I was hooked.  Take YOUR Time. Eliasson’s works put an emphasis on YOU, what’s around YOU, what do YOU know, how do YOU become part of the art work?

3106_ca84f2c35d33c3f775b4c6cf3406152dHis work is mostly interactive and you truly have to see it to believe it. His pieces I am most fired up about is 360 Room for all Colors. This entire room is round (as the name says) and gradually changes colors from the lighting structure set up behind the walls.  The colors change so gradually that if you don’t take your time, you will not even know it is changing.  It just felt good to be in there.  A similar piece I am wild about is The Natural Light Setup. In this all white room, the ceiling is olafureliasson_theweatherprojectlit like sunlight, it changes gradually from warm to cool white tones. It feels like clouds are slowly passing overhead.

And another,  The Weather Project.  In this work Eliasson conducted research about how weather effects people in addition to his giant sunset created from streetlight light bulbs and a mirrored ceiling.  Eliasson creates several other works that prod the viewer to pay attention to their environment. My personal favorites include Waterfalls, a series of waterfalls installed around New York City and Green River, a series of rivers he covertly dyes green.

01_eliasson_green1LESSON PLAN IDEAS

Students can explore light color mixing with photo gels and lights or by holding colored glass jars in front of a light to create an image on a wall. Students could also experiment with prisms and light in a dark classroom. Eliasson’s ideas are a good start for arts integration into science lessons and would work well collaboratively.


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Illustrating the people in her community and the city as the people who live there. i have been very excited about this artist for a very long time. the images she posts around NYC are not only gorgeous but telling about the people that make up the city she lives in. I think that she has a lot to say and she is saying it and making statements about place, society, and identity. This could be an important project for highschool students in which they could express their identity through place and society. asking them what, who, or what place makes them who they are. or what they see everyday and how it affects their lives and how to make this idea into a visual piece. 6a00d834cad15053ef00e54f7f07298833-800wigrandfather-main1swoon_cphswoonswoon_street_art

this is another one of her projects where she organized this big event making ships to sail in NYC.. this is a video

lesson plan idea: self portraits how do your surroundings make up your identity? printmaking or drawing project.